1. To dig deep into the issues and come up with feasible and smart solutions to solve the ward problems such as Snow removal from inner streets, heated bus stops in inner streets and construction of new and repair of existing sidewalks.

2. To fulfil and implement what is required in my ward and the city for the wider good;

  • Help economic recovery by helping small businesses.
  • Relieve financial stress by cutting taxes and unnecessary city expenses.
  • Provide front line-services at a reasonable cost.
  • Promote health and wellness through community association programs.
  • Expedite completion of LRT projects (Green line, Blue line, airport to downtown etc.)
  • Police facilitation and reforms.

3. to provide good government to foster the well-being  of the environment,

4. To provide services, facilities or other things that, in the opinion of the council, are necessary or desirable for all or a part of the municipality,

5. To develop and maintain safe and viable communities.

6. To work collaboratively with neighbouring municipalities to plan, deliver and fund inter-municipal services.

I will commit myself to achieve the goal of the best place to live for everyone:

a) To consider the welfare and interests of the municipality as a whole and to bring to the council’s attention anything that would promote the welfare or interests of the municipality;

b)To promote an integrated and strategic approach to inter-municipal land use planning and service delivery with neighbouring municipalities;

c)To participate generally in developing and evaluating the policies and programs of the municipality

d)To participate in council meetings and council committee meetings andmeetings of other bodies to which they are appointed by the council;

e)To obtain information about the operation or administration of the municipality from the chief administrative officer or a person designated by the chief administrative officer;

f)To keep in confidence matters discussed in private at a council or council committee meeting until discussed at a meeting held in public;

g)To adhere to the code of conduct established by the council under section146.1(1);

h)To perform any other duty or function imposed on councillors by the MGA or any other enactment or by the council.

I will make sure to achieve set goals but not limited to:

To work with other council members to set the overall direction of the municipality in my role as a policy-maker. The policies that the council sets are the guidelines for the administration to follow as it handles the operations of the municipality. Much ofmy time on the council will be spent considering new policies and programs and reviewing the current ones to make sure they are working as they should. In the spirit of collaboration, a municipality may enter into an agreement respecting services with Indigenous peoples or a Métis settlement and is required to consult with Indigenous peoples or Métis settlement when developing certain land use plans

I commit to helping my council in the municipal organization of:

a) Developing and evaluating the policies and programs of the municipality;Council’s primary role is to ensure that services are provided to citizens andproperty owners.This involves establishing policies about what programs and services are to be delivered, the level at which they are delivered, and the budgetary requirements. Council evaluates the policies and programs through information obtained from the CAO and feedback from the citizens.

b)Carrying out the powers, duties and functions expressly given to council under the Act or any other legislation.

The council is responsible for ensuring that the municipality acts within its enabling legislation. A municipality can be taken to court by any person if itis perceived to be acting outside its legal authority. As well, the council is responsible for ensuring that the municipality meets all requirements established in legislation, such as the requirement to hold public hearings on certain matters, develop a budget and levy taxes, appoint an auditor, etc. The legislation establishes minimum requirements; however, the council can go beyond these minimums, provided that they act within their legislative authority