Who am I and Why I deserve your vote – More Hope

Having attained Masters Degree, M.Sc. Geology, I have worked as a professional Geologist for more than three decades. I have been contributing positively and constructively back to the local community for decades. Being a member of more than half a dozen of social and volunteer organisations I would like to exploit my tremendous experience both professional and social for the benefit of my local community and ward residents.

I certainly deserve your vote because:
I am honest
I am compassionate
I have integrity
I am confident
I am flexible
I have vast social services experience

Public service profile

Througout my social, educational and political life, I have worked diligently for thepublic good.

1975 – 1980:  Elected member of Kohisar Student Union.

1979 – 1980:  Elected member Domal student Union.

1980 – 1988:  Struggled for democracy in Pakistan.

1980 – 2000:  Always Stood for basic human rights and democratic norms

1999 – 2007:  Struggled against martial law regime in Pakistan.

2005 – 2011:  Elected vice-chair of Global Friendship Immigration.

Recent:  Director at Whitethorn community association, Calgary.

What I am up to – Things can only get better.

Make life easier for the ward residents in particular and the Municipality in general.
Enhance confidence in the Council Services

What will I achieve and how do I will bring change – Choose Don’t Loose.
I will commit and promise that I will diligently, faithfully and to the best of my ability fulfil the duties of the office to which I will be elected.
Council is the governing body of the municipal corporation. As a councillor, I willexercise the powers of the municipality through decisions passed by bylaw or resolution at a public meeting and define the policies and direction that my municipal administration will put into action.